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M*A*S*H Al-Iraq

posted Oct 7, 2010, 10:55 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 14, 2011, 9:09 AM by Dustin Romero ]
I still can't believe that Kim and I decided to open the food cart while I'm in Iraq. It's been fun, but sometimes it's a crap lot of work. So I decided to take a little leisure today and make some curry here from Iraq.

Acquiring the ingredients was surprisingly easy to do. It took some patience, but all the food was available at the chow hall. It took some time to build a spice rack, but all the spices are laid out on the serving line, and I put them in emptied and cleaned out cranberry juice bottles. Most of the other food items came off the serving line and salad bar.

A neighbor, one of the interpreters, had an old hot plate that he wasn't using and when he heard I was interested in cooking gave it to me. Another soldier was cleaning out an unused room and found a pile of pots and pans. He also had heard I was looking to cook, so he notified me of the utensils. I still don't have a fridge, but that's been an adventure all on it's own.

Overall the food was excellent. One of the best meals I've had since deploying. Second only to perhaps the food that was at the Iraqi meet and great, they served three lambs and a goat. I was the lowest ranking soldier there. There were several generals. I kept quiet, by filling my mouth with food instead of words.

I like the flavor that the V8 added, I'll probably use it again. Next time I'll keep to a particular theme and accent a particular flavor, this curry was a little busy. It was also runny, but I was hungry and didn't want to wait for the sauce to condense, besides, my hot plate isn't the greatest for a low simmer. The flavor wasn't as bold as I'm used to with my curries, but then the ingredients weren't fresh either. But considering where I'm at I feel that I've done pretty well. It was a satisfying meal, and one I actually felt better after eating.

This is my humble kitchen. It doubles as a bedroom, office, living room, study, closet and hallway!

These are all the ingredients I used. For the spices: Curry Powder, Cayanne pepper, garlic granules, powdered ginger. Olive oil, onions, bell peppers and jalapeños. The main ingredient was chicken and potatoes. The sauce was V8 juice.

These are the spices I used laid out to quickly put into the dish in order.

I fried the curry powder in olive oil to try to eek out a little bit more flavor from the stale spices.

Next in, onions, bell peppers and jalapeños.

I rigged up a double boiled to try to take the sting off of my rugged on heat setting hot plate.

Fortunately, except the occasional photo shoot, I have no real need any more for this linked ammo. :)

Thanks for reading!