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Vindaloo is the result of a marriage of Goan cuisine and Portugues cultures. In fact the name itself is Portugues (for a fun exercise check out the Google Translate gadget below and have it translate “Wine of Garlic” into Portugues). Vindaloo is the combination of wine, garlic and Indian spices, although traditional Indian Vindaloo is made with vinegar as wine was not as readily available in the colonies. Indian spices were added to Vindaloo which give it the exotic flavor many have come to associate with Vindaloo. Vindaloo is also a very popular dish in England (much like Chicken Tikka Masala).

Because “aloo” means potato in Indian many Indian chefs added potatoes to the dish. Even though this was a translation error potatoes make a great addition and are now often thought of as a defining ingredient. Another defining characteristic of Vindaloo is it's intense heat. Typically Vindaloo is going to be one of, if not the hottest dish on the menu. This is true of most Indian restaurants and certainly true of us. We like this dish to be hot, and many of our customers agree. Hot enough to make your scalp sweat and mouth burn. Our version contains plenty of peppers and cayenne and will certainly clear your sinuses, cool you down on a hot day, release those happy endorphins and all the other wonderful benefits of spicy food.

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