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Jalfrezi is a dish that originated in the Bengal Region of India (the part that is now Pakistan) as a way of using left over meat. Although ours is made with fresh range fed chicken (or other fresh meat or vegetarian option), try it the day after it's cooked. Like most curries we think you'll agree it tastes better after its sat for a day.

The dish was influenced by the British Raj and Chines stir fry cooking methods. As a result the gravy is often dryer and thicken than a traditional curry. The defining ingredients of Jalfrezi are onions, fresh green peppers and tomatoes. We include cilantro and ginger, and you may or may not find green pepper in ours, but we think you'll like the flavor. Jalfrezi is often one of the hotter dishes on the menu, and we like it hot. If you try ours you may find some spice. We keep it in reason and it's within a comfortable range for the typical Indian dining Utahn, but we're not afraid to scare some of the more fickle diners off. If you want stupid hot, try our Vindaloo. ;)

Jalfrezi is always one of our favorite dishes. We cook it often, and it seems people are often grateful we do. If you get a chance try the Jalfrezi on the menu of Bombay House. For another treat grab a box of ours to go and reheat it the following day, you might be surprised how good left-overs can be! Compare that to what happens to a fast food burger and fries over night.

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