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Turkey Tikka Masala with Cranberry Chutney

posted Nov 24, 2011, 8:28 AM by Dustin Romero

Okay, I'm going to be perfectly up front with you, the turkey didn't work out. It's actually kind of hard to find a reliable source of turkey, so we did it once then switched to chicken. It still tastes great and since it's not turkey our "seasonal" dish was lowered from $7 to $6. So without further delay, everything you never wanted to know about Turkey Tikka Masala. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving.

First off, lets take a second to define some of these words we're using. Masala is a blend of spices. That's it, pretty simple. Tikka, is chunks of meat (think kabaabs). Chutney is a condiment sauce usually made with fruit or vegetables and vinegar. Ketchup could be thought of as an American tomato chutney, to give you an idea of how broadly you can think of chutney. Soooo, Turkey Tikka Masala with cranberry chutney is...Turkey chunks in a blend of spices (in this case masala is understood as a preparation of a sauce) with a cranberry condiment. Excited yet? Keep reading.

Tandoor oven preparation of meat has a few magical qualities. The first is aromatic. What I like to call Southern Garlic. Smoke. Just like when you grill something the chunks of meat absorb a little bit of the smokiness of the grill. This is not actually a taste registered strongly by your taste buds. Rather, like garlic and onions, your nose picks this one up, giving it a full body of flavor. Second tandoor ovens are extremely hot. This heat cooks the meat very fast which quickly hardens the outer flesh and marinade into a sort of shell that locks in the inside moisture of the meat. Yum, soft moist chick...I mean turkey.

Now, follow the pictures below to get an idea for the full process of the preparation. First we let the meat marinade in a yogurt marinade (with other things), we then slide the tikka chunks onto the skewers and drop them into the tandoor. After about five minutes we pull the meat from the oven and let it rest, this gives the juices a chance to calm down so they down squirt all over when we take the meat off. We then place the tikka over a bed of rice and then coverr the meat with the masala sauce. After that we put a dollop of chutney (the sweetness helps cut the acidity of the tomatoes in the sauce). We then put a fresh piece of naan with it for a finished product we can be proud of :)

Enjoy! Cheers!

 Yogurt Marinade

Tikka cooking in the oven

Tikka resting. Awwww

Tikka waiting for sauce

Tikka with sauce

Finished product.