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Support Food Cart - Kiva

posted Jun 17, 2012, 9:46 AM by Dustin Romero
Here's a link to join Kiva.org, below I will also have a link to the following entrepreneur. Keep reading...

As you learned in Econ 101 access to money is a key ingredient in the growth of a nations market. Now is your chance to give entrepreneurs who wouldn't normally have that access to capital a chance to grow their businesses. With Kiva you can make contributions to loans in amounts as little as $25. That money is then lent to the small business of your choice and then repaid back to you over the term of the loan.  Read the following story of Edizon of Ecuador.

"Edizon,35, is a fast food seller from Quevedo. He has set up his stall at a gas station where he works from Monday to Sunday in the afternoon and evening. He started his business with a small capital investment that he had saved from previous jobs, and thanks to this he was able to buy a cart from which he prepares his dishes to sell. 

He attends his stall himself, from Friday to Sunday and sells salchipapas (sausages and potatoes), chicken, hot dogs, burgers and colas. He has an established sector which allows him to maintain his clientele. Edizon is married to Amada who is a housewife and also helps him to sell his products at the weekends. They have one child who attends public school. With money from the loan Edizon will buy chicken, potatoes and oil to sell. He is hoping to increase his income so that he can finish fixing his home." -Translation and journal provided by Kiva.org

You can contribute to Edizon's loan Here

Take a moment to visit the link at the top of this page and browse the loans. $25 can go a long way in many other countries.