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Salt Lake Style Curry

posted Dec 2, 2011, 11:30 PM by Dustin Romero

Okay, there's more to Salt Lake than just Mormons. Salt Lake embraces the art of nature. This area was settled by pioneers and homesteaders. These people dealt with a harsh climate and survived. They valued their families, their education and their independence. The legacy we received from them is a culture that loves simplicity, nature and products that are close to home. We want our food to match our lives. Even though we serve Indian food we want it to reflect the influence of our home. In order for a curry to be called Salt Lake Style it must generally satisfy the following.

Rule #1: Salt Lake's curry is hearty. A soul food filled with rich ingredients that comfort and leave one satisfied.

Rule #2:  Curries of the Valley contain lots of hearty veggies. We don't mess around, our curries aren't just a few large chunks in gravy. We load our curries up with veggies. Pioneers love them some veggies.

Rule #3: When possible (Utah does have a limited growing season) Salt Lake curries have as many local products as possible. Yeah, coconut doesn't grow here, but you'd be surprised what I can do with a tomato sauce, cream, cumin and a handful of simmered and blended veggies.

Rule #4: When practical use any of the following ingredients. Sage, Honey, Pine Nuts, Apples, Peaches, Garden Veggies.

So no matter who you are, if you're eating our curries that means you've stopped in Utah, a place passed over by others. We here are all pioneers and bring our own backgrounds to the table. Enjoy our blend of cultures with yours.