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Our History, Pt. 2

posted May 22, 2011, 12:24 PM by Dustin Romero   [ updated May 22, 2011, 1:45 PM ]
            In the last blog entry I told the story of how The Curryer came into vision. From the early phases of ideation to getting serious in the face of an impending deployment to Iraq. This entry is going to share some of the history of what was done while I’ve been “downrange” in Iraq.

The food cart under construction, the tandoor oven is attached on the right.

The deployment came and we purchased a an old carnival van to convert into a food truck, but Salt Lake City laws weren’t that friendly and running a truck with me in Iraq would have been far too difficult so we started looking at carts. After some research we decided that we would focus on three things. Good naan, good rice, and good curry. To do this we needed a good rice cooker, so we didn’t have to rely on steam beds, and a tandoor oven. Doing this was a different story.

      The internet is a modern miracle. Here’s a laundry list of just some of the things we’ve been able to do over a continent. We were able to acquire a cart, hire someone to modify it, purchase a tandoor oven and commercial rice cooker, have them installed into the food cart up to code, pass the health inspection, license our business, set up our accounting, hire employees and develop a menu, all from Iraq. Making purchases and transferring money to my dad and other friends and strangers took a lot of coordination with no face time to simplify it.

 Kim working on the Menu

the Peacock I surprised her with on Christmas

me, hanging out in Iraq

Don’t let me deceive you though, doing all this from a war zone was not easy. Sometimes I would get discouraged. Our internet was bad. So bad that I would go days without contact. I recall a time that I was juggling calls with health department inspectors, my builder and the tandoor manufacturer on getting the oven approved. my internet was so slow I could barely load my email most of the time, much less make Skype phone calls. My heart was beating as I desperately made calls back and forth with choppy conversations and broken messages. Even now, I’m writing this history from an internet cafe with 30 min limits because a sandstorm took down my normal internet. My dad was a huge help during this time. He did a lot to get things in motion and work with my builder. He’s a model father in his dedication to his children.

Of course, in the interested of time there are a lot of details that have been left out. I’ve been extremely blessed in many areas that have made it possible to do what I’ve done here, and even if the business were to fail completely I would still be grateful for the opportunity (although initial sales seem promising, so we might just pull this off). Keep up with us here on our webpage or on Facebook for the next part of this history, where I’ll talk about the actual opening and the team we’ve put together.