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Kiva Lending Day

posted Jun 9, 2011, 7:17 PM by Dustin Romero   [ updated Jun 9, 2011, 7:53 PM ]
Basics: Come to The Curryer the first Monday of each month and loan $15 to Kiva to get a free lunch. $5 get’s you free naan.

Me and Kim are no good do gooders, and I have to admit that I sometimes go behind her back and sneak in a loan or two to Kiva, even when we really can’t afford it. I can’t help it! It’s like an addiction. It feels good, and I actualy feel like I’m contributing something to someone that is going to be useful to them. You know the old addage about teaching a man to fish, yeah, that’s just like giving a loan to an impoverished entrepreneur.

It’s their hard work, industry and thrift that is pulling them out of poverty. Their devotion to their ideas that lifts them from the bitter dregs. I can relate to that. Me and Kim have our business to try to release us from a cycle of deployments and training that has left me with little education and career choices. Entrepreneurialism was our way out, how could we not want to share that with our counterparts throughout the world?

Mencia runs a food cart in Peru. We contributed to a loan to help her purchase food stocks.

Here’s the deal: The first Monday of every month we will call Kiva day. We will set up a computer at the cart where you can pick a loan and make a donation. You can contribute any amount you choose, but a $15 loan contribution will get you a free box of curry and a naan (when naan is available). Contribute $5 and we’ll give a a free piece of naan. If you donate $25 you will get the naan and curry plus, since Kiva loans are funded in interbals of $25 we'll let you pick the loan your money goes towards. All the money will be added to our Kiva loan fund and as the money is repaid back we will continue to reloan with those funds.

See our lender page for our full porfolio Kiva - The Curryer

If you'd like to become a Kiva lendor follow our referral link. We get absolutely nothing from it, except that it shows up on our lender page making us look cool. ;)