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Best Chicken Tikka Masala of All Time. Of All Time.

posted Oct 15, 2010, 10:55 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 15, 2010, 11:17 AM by Dustin Romero ]
One of my buddies told me this was "The best Indian food I've ever had." This, from a former Marine who spent a week and a half in India! Not bad using second rate chow hall ingredients.

Overall this dish was a real hit, and I will certainly make it again for people. I don't think this was the best Indian food I've ever had, but I have to admit, I was surprised how good it came out.

I wasn't sure how it would be using kiwi yogurt, but it's all they had in the chow hall. I think I'll use it again, it really seemed to go well with the cinnamon in the marinade.

I think the key thing that brought a full balance of flavor was the light smokiness of the charcoal. With my curry powder being so week, and for lack of cumin and decent garlic the dish would have been seriously lacking for want of an aromatic boost. The smoke really helped the flavor linger, while still being subtle.

Here is the recipe...


6 pre cooked plain chicken breasts
3 packs of kiwi yogurt
1 bottle lid of stale cinnamon
1 bottle lid of stale curry powder
1 bottle lid of stale ground ginger

8 packs of fake butter stuff
1 spoonful of sliced jalapenos
1 bottle lid of stale curry powder
1 bottle lid of stale garlic granules
3 cans of V8
1 13/16 cartons of reconstituted box milk, full cream

Mix the marinade, marinade for a few hours to overnight. Cook the sauce starting with the butter and jalapenos, when nice and hot add curry powder and garlic powder. Cook a few minutes, stirring often to keep ingredients off of the super hot spot of the pan where it makes contact with the ancient hot plate. Add V8 and Milk. Stir constantly at high heat, since that's the only heat setting your hot plate has, until the sauce is reduced to desired consistency, should resemble gravy.

Cook chicken chunks (tikka) over high heat on a grill until the marinade hardens, about 5 minutes. Add grilled chicken tikka to sauce (masala). Cook for another few minutes. Serve over weird pre-cooked chow hall rice.

If you're creative you can make a few alterations that should take this curry from amazing to OMG WTF!!