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Baby it's cold outside, and we are staying out!

posted Nov 4, 2011, 6:13 PM by Kim Pettit
Good news Curryers, we should be staying out all winter! It doesn't look like Dustin will be going to any army trainining any time soon. That means he gets to stay home and help me do our favorite thing in the world, make delicious Curry for our lovely Curryers :) We will be equipped with furry hats and onionesque layers of clothing, so that we dont become curryscicles.
Now on to the less fantastic news, today was the last day of serving pumpkin curry as a daily dish, fear not though! We will still serve it a couple times a week; it will just have to take its turn through our rotation . :)  
We will also be announcing a new curry for thanksgiving, so check back soon!