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Arroz Autentico. We're Serving 100% Authentic Jasmine Rice

posted May 31, 2011, 1:21 PM by Dustin Romero

Okay, you got me. Basmati rice is the standard Indian rice and we don't serve it. But have you seen the price of Basmati rice lately? Here's the run down. 2009-10 was a bad year for rice in India, a country that produces 20% of the worlds rice. Since rice has already been in a commodity slump lately India has been blocking exports of rice so they have enough for their people. Fair enough. To allow more Indians to enjoy their rice, and to keep our prices low, we are serving 100% authentic Jasmine rice. And guess what, Jasmine is served in many parts of India and is a long grain rice, like Basmati (just not as long), so it's all good! Another fun fact? We've actually served Jasmine rice since we opened, but it's fun to make new announcements!


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