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3 Great Reasons to Visit 2 Great Markets

posted Aug 24, 2011, 8:27 AM by Dustin Romero

We have two markets that we serve food in, the Millcreek Community Market and the Sugar House Farmers Markter. Here are three reasons to visit these markets...Aside from the convenient weekend evening hours. ;)

  1. You can switch out store bought ingredients with locally produced ingredients easy and cheap. We do it, and so can you! We swap out onions, garlic, bell peppers, carrots, hot peppers, and many other ingredients we can get at the market. Last week I put some eggplant in our Aloo Matar and Zucchini in our Chicken Curry. The best part is I got most of those ingredients on trade, so the cost me less and everyone wins. 
  2. Fresh produce is healthier. We've all read somewhere that most produce in the grocery store is picked unripe and transported hundreds, if not thousands of miles blah blah blah. Bottom line is, we know it's healthier fresh and we know it's better for the environment. Also, goods made by hand can be not only higher quality, but posses inside them the nostalgia of buying something built by working hands.
  3. You're supporting the local economy. Money spent in Utah, stays in Utah, which means it builds up the community you live in, and eventually will come back to you. So buy local, buy fresh and buy nutrient rich and high quality products.
  4. Oh yeah, well, a fourth great reason to visit the market is because we're there! Join us for dinner at the markets and get something special. We make Lassi's (a yogurt fruit smoothy) out of fresh peaches we get from Grammie's. I know many people who like our food don't work downtown, so come to the markets to get our food and enjoy the atmosphere (Millcreek has a great cozy atmosphere) and a meal of fresh curry with naan and a market lassi ;) See you soon!

The Millcreek Market, located on 23rd East just South of 33rd.

Our friend from World Dog's 

Grammy's produce. GREAT fresh grower, knows his trees and loves serving fresh local produce. Find them at the Sugar House Farmers Market.

Red Bicycle Breadworks. They are baking some bread for our wedding at a really great price. It takes a shift in mindset to buy market bread, a shift that's worth making.